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I cannot say enough positive words to describe how wonderful my experience with Kelly was. My now husband and I decided to plan a wedding 8 short months after our engagement. Kelly made the process absolutely seamless, often asking what I was most stressed about and immediately taking it off my plate and taking care of it. She took the overwhelming task of planning and organizing a large event into fun and stress-free process. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness helped create the most perfect and special day, beyond anything we could have ever done ourselves. On the day of the wedding she was by my side the entirety of the day, making sure I was enjoying every incredible second and washing away my nerves. I’m sure there were some issues to navigate the day of my wedding and things that did not go as planned but I can honestly say I have no idea what they were because Kelly took care of absolutely everything. The best advice I can give any bride to be or anyone planning any sort of event is to make sure you have Kelly by your side. She made our day absolutely perfect and I am not sure what I would have done with out her. 


Kelly made my party so easy for me. Completely stress-free! She is professional, personable and fun to be around. Her crazy attention to detail is very reassuring and you know when the big day comes that everything is taken care of. She is unflappable and always seems to have everything under control. She also coordinates seamlessly between many different vendors and parties. I don’t think I can manage a party without Kelly anymore! What a pleasure.


I have worked in this industry for over 40 years and have worked with almost every wedding planner in Western New York, and I can honestly say I've never seen a more dedicated and organized planner in my entire life. And this is doing over 3,000 weddings personally! You will not be disappointed if you hire The Scarlett Agency. 


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